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1.Wheel your way through the streets of Atlanta on a segway (电动平衡车) on the Atlanta City Segway tours.

Atlanta Christmas Lights Segway Tour

Check out all the beautiful Holiday splendor in Atlanta on this one-hour effortlessly sliding Segway tour! Travel through the Centennial Olympic Park and Pemberton Place with your local, talented tour guide. Both locations are carefully decorated with the most beautiful Christmas decorations, so be sure to book your tour early, whether you are local or a visitor from out of town.

Atlanta Segway Tour: Midtown Sightseeing

If you have ever been wanting to take a segway ride through beautiful Atlanta, you will be in for a scenic ride around one of the most historic cities in America. The downtown section of Atlanta is known for its culture and individual spirit that makes the city stand out from many other places, and the downtown scene is full of different options for nightlife that will leave you enjoying your trip and getting a good idea of what the segway tour is all about.

Georgia Horseback and Segway Ride with Wine Tasting

Our beautiful journey by horseback explores the stylish mountain community of Clayton Georgia. Following our ride, we will have a picnic lunch featuring turkey, flatbread, hummus, nuts, berries and seasonal greens from our organic farm. After lunch, we will take a segway ride to a nearby winery (酿酒厂) roughly 3 miles away for your wine tasting. Here you will taste six different flavorful wines at the Boutier Winery, which offers a collection of wines developed from local produced and selected grapes.

Atlanta Evening Segway Tour

The Atlanta Evening Segway Tour is perfect for people to explore the city because it helps them see the city in a new way. You must get the tickets for the tour on the spot, and you are taken into the places that are most fun to see on a segway.

1.Which tour should be booked in advance?
A.Atlanta Evening Segway Tour.
B.Atlanta Christmas Lights Segway Tour.
C.Atlanta Segway Tour: Midtown Sightseeing.
D.Georgia Horseback and Segway Ride with Wine Tasting.?
2.What is the central area of Atlanta famous for?
A.Its art galleries.
B.Its wonderful nightlife.
C.Its architectural history.
D.Its culture and individual spirit.
3.What can we enjoy on the Georgia Horseback and Segway Ride with Wine Tasting?
A.Organic vegetables.
B.Delicious strawberries.
C.The scene of the open fields.
D.Beautiful Christmas decorations.

2.A post office and shop in a rural village has been run by the same family for four generations. But now it is up for sale.

  Pat became the post hostess in 1985 when she was 27. The name of the shop has changed every time it has passed through the various generations because a daughter has always taken it over in her married name. It is up for sale because neither of her children wants to take it on. It has been an idyllic(平和美丽的) existence at the heart of the community but it isalso hard to run it. Her husband, Rod,gets up at 5: 30 am and doesn't finish until 7 pm. They have only just had their first week's holiday since their honeymoon in 1982. Their children have jobs with paid holiday. They had a lovely relaxing time walking in Yorkshire to celebrate Pat's 60th birthday last month and decided that the time has come for a bit more freedom.

  The post office has been in the family since 1918 when Pat's great-grandfather Walter, a farmer, lost his arm in an accident. A government officer asked if he would like to open a post office and shop in the village bakery, as it was vacant then, and he said yes. When Pat was growing up there, the biggest indoor sawmill (锯木厂) in the country was across the road and it was very busy. People would come to do their weekly shopping in those years before supermarkets appeared.

  After Pat s parents retired, they lived in a house behind the post office and set up a business baking cakes. Pat said: “Rod and I plan to move into the same house. It’s the end of a time but it’s time for the shop to benefit from new ideas."

1.How long has the family post office and shop existed?
A.About 60 years.
B.About 33 years.
C.About 100 years.
D.About 80 years.
2.Why do Pat's children refuse to take over the post office and shop?
A.The income of the post office is low.
B.The work of the post office is rather tough.
C.They have been married and left the family.
D.The post office is no loiter necessary nowadays.
3.What did the family post office and shop use to be?
A.A bakery.
B.A grocery.
C.A sawmill.
D.A supermarket.
4.What does Pat think of the family post office and hop?
A.It is a good old memory.
B.It will take on a new look.
C.It should be shut down soon.
D.It should be turned into a supermarket.

3.    Entering the Anderson Center in Minnesota in the US, it's common to hear music, since the building has long served as a place for artists to meet.

    But recently, sounds ringing through the building began to sound unlike others. The music was from the center's art gallery, where Jarrelle Barton practices his guzheng.

    Although the ancient Chinese instrument is popular worldwide, guzheng players are rare in Minnesota, and Barton is the first one to participate in Anderson's residency program. "He was chosen because of his technical capabilities, as well as his potential"? said Stephanie Rogers, the center's director.

    Most kids of Barton's age are more likely to take up the piano or guitar. But as his grandmother described him. Barton is a special person" —a little quiet, but with very deep feelings.

    When he first saw a picture of a guzheng, he tried to make his own out of a wooden tea tray and guitar strings. But the instrument he made was very different from a guzheng. It was light, and it didn't sound great.

    Barton begged(乞求) his grandmother to buy him a guzheng. She agreed, but added that he had toreally practice and become a good guzheng playter.

    Acquiring the instrument proved less complicated than learning to play it. Barton 'couldn’t find any textbooks in English, and the online courses he found were in Chinese too. So, he started teaching himself Mandarin (普通话).

    At the same time, lie accustomed his body to "feeling" guzheng music.

    Barton recently uploadcd his videos to the social media platform Sina Weibo. They soon went viral, with viewers making comments such as “Great,” or “This foreigner can play our music.”

    Music goes beyond nationalily. Anyone ran learn an instrument regardless of what language you speak. You can learn any instrument you'd like and create music to share with people.

1.Why was Barton chosen into the program?
A.His grandmother insisted.
B.He was the first to play guzheng.
C.His skills and talent were impressive.
D.He was one of the few who could play guzheng.
2.How did Barton feel when he first saw a picture of a guzheng?
3.What does the underlined sentence in the last paragraph probably mean?
A.Music is the best way to communicate.
B.Music can be spread far and wide.
C.Music is a universal language.
D.Music can go further.
4.What is the purpose of the text?
A.To promote a music program.
B.To advertise the Anderson Center.
C.To persuade foreigners to play guzheng.
D.To introduce the great power of music.

4.All the linguists(语言学家) agree that by the end of this century the number of languages in use will be much smaller than it is now. Some experts think that in 100 years' time 90% of the world's languages will be gone—only about 700 tongues left.

    Minority languages disappear for many reasons. It could be partly because their speakers are beset by droughts, floods, earthquakes or imported epidemics(流行疾病) and become less and less. However, most languages disappear because their speakers voluntarily abandon them. Where a chief language is associated with progress and economic success, speakers of minority languages come under pressure to learn it in order to get on. The most obvious example in the modern world is English. According to Global Reach, a communications consultancy, English accounts for two-thirds of all web content.

    A small number of chief languages already rule the globe. Of the world's 7 billion people, nearly a sixth speak Mandarin Chinese as a first language. If you add the rest of the top 11 English, Hindi, Spanish, Arabic and so on—plus people who speak one of these as a second language, your list already covers well over half of mankind.

    As the big languages advance, the minority ones shrink. They come to be seen as backward and embarrassing. As children stop learning them and fewer people speak them, they become ever less useful. In the end, the last speakers die, taking their languages to the grave with them. If speakers of minority languages really wanted to stick to them, they would make hard efforts to keep them alive. If they do not, it means they no longer have a use for them. So some linguists think: trying to save dying languages is pointless.

    Endangered languages were perfectly suited totheir speakers' way of life until their habitat changed through the influence of other humans. There is a close parallel with man’s encroachment (侵蚀)on the natural environment, but the environmentalists have made faster progress. Greenery has become mainstream, and preserving some rare butterfly, wild-flower or ecosystem is considered a worthy goal. In the same way, languages should be preserved to safeguard diversity. Some linguists think: a widespread loss of languages is the equal of an ecological disaster.

1.How many languages are in use now in the world?
A.About 700.
B.About 1,167.
C.About 6,500.
D.About 7,000.
2.Which of the following best explains the underlined word “beset” in paragraph 2?
3.According to the text, what is the main reason for minority languages' disappearance?
A.The major natural disasters in history.
B.The difficulty of learning the languages.
C.The growth up of mainstream languages.
D.The diversity of the languages' development.
4.What is the text mainly about?
A.The importance of minority languages.
B.The future mainstream languages of the world.
C.Why many minority languages have been disappearing.
D.How to protect the existing minority languages from dying out.



Presidents’ Day in the United States

Washington’s Birthday,also known as Presidents’ Day, is a federal holiday celebrated on the third Monday of February. ①________

Who Is Washington?

George Washington served as the first president of the United States of America. His first temi as president was from 1789 to 1793. ②________ Before he became president, he played an important role in the military, leading the American

Continental Army to victory over the British in 1783. Washington is often seen as the father of the United States and is probably the best known American politician ever.


Presidents’ Day is a public holiday in most U. S. states. However, many businesses are open as usual and many stores hold sales on Washington’s Birthday. ④________ And many,but not all, public transport systems operate on regular schedules. Some schools close for the whole week for a mid-winter break.

What Do People Do?

Washington’s Birthday officially honors the life and work of George Washington. The day honors past presidents of the U. S. A. Washington’s Birthday is sometimes known as Presidents' Day. ⑤________ Some states pay particular attention to Abraham Lincoln as his birthday is also in mid-February. In the weeks or days leading up to the holiday,schools often organize events and lessons for students about the presidents of the United States and George Washington in particular. It is a popular day for stores to start their sales.

A.Do People Have to Work?

B.Is Presidents' Day a Public Holiday?

C.His second term was from 1793 to 1797.

D.Mis image is also used on the one-dollar bill and the quarter-dollar coin.

E.Many delivery senices, except for the Post Office, have a regular service.

F.The day honors presidents of the United States, including George Washington, the U. S. A. 's first president,

G.This is because while most states have adopted Washington's Birthday, some states officially celebrate Presidents' Day.


6.    Working as a nurse was not something I ever saw myself doing while I was growing up. The possibilities of my future job seemed     1     and I dreamed of being everything from an archaeologist to a vet However, at the age of 15, I developed anorexia(厌食症) and     2     long battles against it So I began to consider nursing as a career. I wondered if I would be able to use my     3     to help others in     4     positions,and felt a strong     5     to give something back.

    I took a     6     as a clinical support worker in the emergency department of a major medical centre. After six months, I was beginning to     7     whether it was for me. Were the long hours, verbal abuse I faced on a daily basis and endless     8     worth it? A(n)     9     with a patient changed all that.

    During a night shift, I     10      a man in one of the cubicles (小隔间). The lights were off and he was pacing back and forth, talking to himself, sometimes loudly and     11    . I saw several of my colleagues staring into the     12     cubicle, almost as if looking at a caged animal, yet no one     13    . I did, though, despite a colleague suggesting that it might not be     14    . I introduced myself. Luckily, the department was not crowded with     15     that night and I was able to spend several hours with him during the whole     16     of my shift, listening to all that he needed to say.

    He thanked me as I went off     17     —he said I had been the only person to take the time to listen I am     18     of how far I have come and now, in my daily     19    , I seek to give hope to every patient with mental health problems, to make sure they know they are not     20    .

1.A.inaccessible B.endless C.impossible D.unreal
2.A.chose B.fought C.witnessed D.lost
3.A.qualification B.fortune C.patience D.experience
4.A.arbitrary B.similar C.normal D.financial
5.A.desire B.attack C.uncertainty D.accent
6.A.rest B.risk C.walk D.job
7.A.review B.prove C.doubt D.measure
8.A.conscience B.discrimination C.envy D.pressures
9.A.conversation B.argument C.experiment D.date
10.A.informed B.promised C.noticed D.welcomed
11.A.angrily B.carelessly C.cautiously D.humorously
12.A.dark B.unpleasant C.available D.mobile
13.A.inquired B.entered C.accepted D.discouraged
14.A.helpful B.formal C.safe D.compulsory
15.A.patients B.passengers C.nurses D.residents
16.A.plan B.course C.record D.warning
17.A.limit B.crying C.duty D.shopping
18.A.tired B.capable C.aware D.proud
19.A.dreams B.use C.practice D.needs
20.A.silly B.ordinary C.painful D.alone



    A research team has found ①__________ oldest example of bread in the world. While on a dig in a country in Western Asia, researchers from the universities in Cambridge, Copenhagen and London found 24 ancient breadcrumbs(面包屑). The breadcrumbs were burnt, ②__________is how they survived for so long. The researchers analyzed the breadcrumbs and found they were ③__________(rough) 14,400 years old. This ④__________( discover) proved humans were making bread 4,000 years earlier than scientists thought. Researchers ⑤__________(date) the people who baked the bread at around 12,500 to 9 ,500 B. C. They were prehistoric ⑥__________( hunt) and gatherers and lived thousands of years before humans settled downto become farmers.

    The leading researcher said raw materials of the breadcrumbs were from various grain plants and the bread took a long time to make. Ancient Jordanians began by ⑦__________(process) grains to get fine flour. They then mixed the flour with water. After that, they baked the mixture on a hot stone. The bread looked like the flat pitta bread still ⑧__________(make) across the Middle East today. Another researcher said the bread could be one reason ⑨__________the agricultural revolution starting. Stone Age people realized it was ⑩__________(easy) and more convenient to farm the wheat for bread instead of collecting it from the wild.









    I'm glad you have written to ask for the China's traditional festival一Mid-Autumn Day. The Mid-Autumn Day,what begins in the Song Dynasty,is one of the traditional festival of China. In most areas of China, people had the custom of eating mooncakes and admire the moon. The mooncake is traditional food on that day. It stands for the people's hope for harmony and reunion. The Mid-Autumn Day is coming soon. I hope she can come here or enjoy the celebration with us. I'm looking forward to sharing the beauty of China culture with you. I would appreciate it that if you could accept my invitation.



1. 校方安排了哪些活动;

2. 美国学生的感受。


1. 词数100左右;

2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。







1.答案:1.B; 2.D; 3.A


1.细节理解题。根据文章第二段“so be sure to book your tour early, whether you are local or a visitor from out of town”可知,需要预定的旅行是 Atlanta Christmas Lights Segway Tour。
2.细节理解题。根据文章第三段“The downtown section of Atlanta is known for its culture and individual spirit that makes the city stand out from many other places.可知,亚特兰大因它的文化及精神闻名。
3.细节理解题。根据文章第四段“Following our ride, we will have a picnic lunch featuring turkey, flatbread, hummus, nuts, berries and seasonal greens from our organic farm”可知, 在这次旅行中,人们可以品尝到有机蔬菜。

2.答案:1.C; 2.B; 3.A; 4.B

1.推理判断题。根据第三段“The post office has been in the family since 1918 when Pat's great-grandfather Walter, a fanner, lost his arm in an accident”nj知,它有约100年的历史了。
2.推理判断题。根据第二段“it is also hard to run it”可知,邮局的工作很艰苦,年轻人不愿意接手。
3.细节理解题。根据第三段“A government officer asked if he would like to open a post office and shop in the village bakery, as it was va-cant then”可知,邮局的前身是一家面包房。
4.推理判断题。根据最后一段“It’s the end of a time but it's time for the shop to benefit from new ideas” 可知,这所家庭邮局将呈现出新面貌。

3.答案:1.C; 2.B; 3.C; 4.D

1.细节理解题。由第三段中“He was chosen because of his technical capabilities, as well as his potential"可知, Barton的技巧和天赋是他被选中的原因。故选C。

4.答案:1.D; 2.A; 3.C; 4.C

1.推理判断题。根据第一段“Some experts think that in 100 years’ time 90% of the world's languages will be gone—only about 700 tongues left”可知,现在正在使用的语言大约7,000种。
2.词义猜测题。根据下文“by droughts, floods,earthquakes or imported epidemics”可知, 划线词应为“困扰”之意。
3.细节理解题。根据第二段“Where a chief language is associated with progress and economic success, speakers of minority languages come under pressure to learn it in order to get on" 和第三段可知,少数民族语言的消亡主要是因为主流语言的崛起。


5.答案:1. F2. C3. B4. E5. G



1. F【解析】此空在文章第一段,根据前一句可知,本段内容是概括介绍美国总统曰。结合选项可知,F项(这一天被用来纪念美国总统,包括美国第一任总统乔治•华盛顿。)承接上文。

2. C【解析】根据本部分标题'‘Who Is Washington?"及设空处前一句“His first term as president was from 1789 to 1793."并结合选项可知,设空处应是华盛顿的个人信息。故C项(他的第二任任期是从1793年到1797年。) 符合语境。

3. B【解析】根据设空处位置可知,此处应选小标题,故答案应是A项和B项中的—个。A项表示"人们必须去工作吗”,B项表示"总统曰是公共假日吗?”,结合下文的“Presidents’ Day is a public holiday in most U. S. states. ”可知,B项符合语境,故选B项。

4. E【解析】设空处前一句讲到,许多公司和商店都正常营业:再根据下文讲到的很多公共交通系统都在正常运行可知,该空应起到承上启下的作用。结合选项可知,E项(除了邮局,许多递送服务也正常服务。)符合语境,故选E项。

5. G【解析】设空处前一句讲到华盛顿的生曰有时以总统曰著称,再根据空后一句中的"有些州特别重视亚伯拉罕•林肯"可知,该空应起到承上启下的作用。结合选项可知,G项(这是因为虽然大多数州都采用了华盛顿的生曰,一些州却正式庆祝总统曰。)起到承上启下的作用,符合语境, 故选G项。


6.答案:1.B; 2.B; 3.D; 4.B; 5.A; 6.D; 7.C; 8.D; 9.A; 10.C; 11.A; 12.A; 13.B; 14.C; 15.A; 16.B; 17.C; 18.D; 19.C; 20.D

1.考查形容词。根据下文“I dreamed of being everything from an archaeologist to a vet”可知,作者未来的职业似乎有无限的可能性。
3.考査名词。根据上文“long battles against it”可知,作者想用自己的经历来帮助处于相似处境的人。
6.考査名词。根据下文“as a clinical support worker”可知 ,作者做的是一份工作。
8.考查名词。根据上文“Were the long hours,verbal abuse I faced on a daily basis”可知, 这些都是无尽的压力。
11.考査副词。根据上文“he was pacing back and forth, talking to himself, sometimes loudly”可知,这个病人很生气。
12.考查形容词。根据上文“The lights were off”可知,作者看到几个同事凝视着黑暗的小隔间。
14.考查形容词。不过,作者还是进去了, 尽管有一名同事认为这可能不安全。
17.考查名词。在作者下班时,他感谢她, 说她是唯一花时间倾听的人。
18.考查形容词。在作者的日常实践中, 她试图向每一个病人灌输希望,这让她很自豪。


7.答案:the; which; roughly; discovery; dated; hunters; processing; made; for; easier


1. the考査冠词。形容词最高级前用定冠词the。

2. which考查定语从句。根据句子结构可知,此处用which引导非限制性定语从句。which在句中指代前面的主句"The breadcrumbs were burnt”。

3. roughly考查副词。根据句子结构可知,此处用作状语,故用副词roughly"大约"。

4. discovery考査名词。根据空前的This和空后的谓语动同可知,此处应填名词。discovery”发现”。

5. dated考查时态。根据上下文可知,此处date所表示的动作发生在过去,故此处用一般过去时。date用作动词,意为 ”推断……的年代"。

6. hunters考查名词。分析句子结构可知,此处缺少名词作表语, 且空处后面的gatherers并列,故用hunters”猎人,狩猎者"。

7. processing考査非谓语动词。by此处作介词,意为”通过 (某种方式)",故应用动名词作介词的宾语。

8. made考杳非谓语动词。根据句子结构可知,此处用非谓语动词作定语修饰the flat pitta hread,动词与所修饰的名词短语之间是逻辑上的动宾关系,所以用过去分词作定语。

9. for考查介词。根据语境可知,此处表示”面包可能是农业革命开始的一个原因"。the reason for."......的原因"。

10. easier 考查形容词的比较级。根据句中的"and more convenient"可知,此处也应用形容词的比较级。


8.答案:    I'm glad you have written to ask  the China's traditional festival一Mid-Autumn Day. The Mid-Autumn Day,  begins in the Song Dynasty,is one of the traditional  of China. In most areas of China, people  the custom of eating mooncakes and  the moon. The mooncake is  traditional food on that day. It stands for the people's hope for harmony and reunion. The Mid-Autumn Day is coming soon. I hope  can come here  enjoy the celebration with us. I'm looking forward to sharing the beauty of  culture with you. I would appreciate it that if you could accept my invitation.



【解题思路】句意为:我很高兴你来信询问一些与中国的传统节日——中秋节有关的事情。ask for意为“请求(给予),: 要求”;ask about意为“询问,打听”。故将for改为about。


【解题思路】分析句子结构可知,此处为非限制性定语从句,先行词是“The Mid-Amumn Day”,指物,在从句中作主语,应用which引导该从句。故what改为which。


【解题思路】“one of+可数名词复数”是固定用法,意为 “……之一”,此处应用复数名词。故将festival改为festivals。

第四处:第三句,had → have。考査动词的时态和主谓一致。

【解题思路】句意为:在中国的大部分地区 ,人们有吃月饼和赏月的习俗。此处描述的是客观事实,应用一般现在时;且主语是“people”,谓语动词应用复数形式。故将had改为have.








【解题思路】句意为:我希望你能来这儿并和我们一起共度佳节。“come here”和“enjoy”之间属于并列顺承关系,应用连词and。故将or改为and。







Dear editor,

    I am writing to share some information with you about the American exchange students in our school.

    A group of American exchange students came to our school at the beginning of this month, hoping to have a taste of Chinese culture and education. Our school offered a great variety of classes and activities for them, such as Chinese major festivals, Chinese paintings, Chinese paper-cutting and so on. Not only did they have fun but also they had a better understanding of Chinese culture. Take PE class for example. The American students studied Tai Chi with us Chinese students in our PE class. They were so amazed at it that they continued to practice after class. We had a great party before they went back to their country.

    In a word, both the American students and we Chinese students had a great lime and learned a lot from each other. We do hope that there will be more and more such exchange programs in the near future.

Yours truly,

Li Hua


1. 这是报刊约稿,书信文体,介绍活动内容。时态以一般过去时为主。2. 注意作文内容要包含全部要点,比如活动内容、美国学生的感受。3. 注意髙级词汇和句型的恰当使用,运用合适的过渡词,使文章行文连贯。